Earth is the first and foremost element of Vastu. Earth or Prithvi influence human lives as it have gravitational and magnetic qualities. Site selection for a house is the most important thing in Vastu.

It is necessary to check each and every detail of the site before construction, which Includes Inspection of plot’s soil, area and direction of the site which will further help us to Stay Healthy and Fit.


Water or Jal is considered as the second most important element of Vastu achieve Earth. However, water is one of the largest elements of nature as over 80 percent of our body and two-third of the earth’s surface is filled with water. In Vastu there is one proper direction for the placement of water sources.

To get maximum benefits, water sources should be kept in the north-east direction of a house. North-East direction for water exerts positivity and aquarium, Swimming pool, water tank, Wells boring and need to be placed in  this above mentioned directions only.


After Earth and Water, Fire or Agni is the most important element of Vastu. Fire is connected with the Sun which is known for its vitality and strength. Sun is the source of natural light and an important source of energy. Vastu provides proper directions for the placement of fire sources, which is south-east direction.

The fire sources like kitchen fire and electrical gadgets should be placed in south-east direction to get positive energy as well as benefits. In a house, proper ventilation for sunlight is necessary as it is one natural source of light for human beings.


Air or Vayu is an important element of nature, without which all life will come to an end. The element of air is related to our senses of touch and sound. This element has a proper direction in Vastu, which is north-west direction. Air comprises various gases on earth which are essential for human life, such as  oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. 

Vastu provides proper guidelines for the placements of doors, windows, balconies, ventilation, height of your home structure and placements of trees and plants.


Space or Akash limits. This element is related to our sense of hearing. Quantitatively, space is filled with galaxies, stars, Sun, moon, constellations and all the Nine planets.

Space influences human lives and Vastu provides proper guidelines for space and according to it, the house construction should be in such a way that light enters the central area of ​​the house. This Space should be kept vacant in a house and any disturbance in the space can Nuanthasing to be harmful.