Vastu for Industrial plot selection goes a long way in keeping away the negative energies, which lead to severe health and loss of money.

Vastu advice for plot selection is based on the study of multiple factors, which include direction of the site, type of soil on the site, shape of the plot, surroundings of the plot and many more.

In the contemporary times, more and more people are consulting a Vastu expert, while selecting a plot, irrespective of the fact whether they want to use the plot for residential or commercial purposes.

The geometrical axis of the plot should be aligned with earth’s magnetic axis; one of the plot sides should parallel to the north south directions and other should be parallel to east-west directions. If the plot is not aligned in the north south direction, the land is poor for overall growth, peace and happiness. The shape, size, levels and angles of the plot should be examined. If it does not comply with the Vaastu principles the necessary additions and alterations should be done to the plot.

Slope of Industrial Plot

The land should be elevated towards the south and west sides and it should be lower in North and east sides overall growth and prosperity.

Shape of Industrial plot

  • Ideally it should be a square.
  • Rectangle is also good provided the breadth and length ratio should not be more than 1:2
  • Triangle, round and all other odd shapes are not considered good.

Angles of the Industrial plot

  • If all angles are 90 degrees, it is considered best .¬†Square site:¬†If the ratio of two adjacent sides of a site is 1:1 and every corner is a 90 degrees angle, it is called a square and is best for overall growth.
  • South west angle should be 90 degrees North west and south east angle should be close to 90 degrees or more.
  • North east should be close to 90 degrees or less but should never exceed 90 degrees. If the ratio of width and depth of a site is within 1:15 and all corners are of 90 degrees, it is also good for growth.